Java hello world

As I said on the previous post, I’ll be adding my old Java homework here. They start of pretty simple but will get more complex later on. The first program you always write when learning a new language: Hello World. public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String []args){ System.out.print(“Hello World!”); } } The file… Read More »

Adding old Java projects in near future

I realized that I’m missing one big part of my studies in this blog. Java was the most used programming language used in our school and I’ve failed to upload any snippets online! I’ll be searching my old backups in the following days in order to get them here to my blog or perhaps to… Read More »

Page redirect activated

I recently activated site redirect from my old -site so people would find this site better. It’s been about half a year already and most people still find my old site. If something isn’t working please post it here. Also I will see if I can get the new comments on the old site… Read More »

Mastermind like game with JavaScript

I got an assignment on my hypermedia class to make a game with HTML5 and JavaScript. I got the idea while playing mastermind so I made a similar game with numbers instead of colors and an easy difficulty level with the hints provided (have to tone it down/add a difficulty level when/if I get the… Read More »

Linux centralized management course’s final module

I am writing this post as part of a course called Linuxin keskitetty hallinta (Linux centralized management) held by Tero Karvinen Background information I am using 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10. This will be my final module for the course which will be presented to the class after the exam. I will attempt to create a… Read More »