My projects

Projects I’ve been part of while studying at HAAGA-HELIA.

Done So far:

Exercise Notebook -Android app

Google play

Share your skill project

TiPi – Order system for vehicle transport companies

My biggest project yet (over 400h per team member), finished in time with all the functionalities planned.
More details can be read here
Or check the project out at GitHub

Guess the combination

A game made with JavaScript where the aim is to guess the correct 4-digit combination in 10 turns or less. Hints are given after every guess, the type of the hint depends on the difficulty level selected.
Play it here & Check the code at GitHub


I was a part of a four-man team, designing and developing a themed news-app/interactive article.
My responsibilities were in the back-end, managing the app’s content using the following technologies: JavaScript, jQuery and JSON. Yle took our prototype and after changes published the following:
Go and see


Member manager

A website to manage members of a sports club.
Test it out


A boardgame made with JavaScript & jQuery. A canvas is used to draw the board and pawns
Play it here & Check the code at GitHub

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