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Arduino remote thermometer

As part of our course at Haaga-helia (held by Tero Karvinen – this is my final project. Our project actually as this was done with my classmate Niko. So what we did is a “remote” thermometer. Niko has a LM35 thermometer on his arduino which is connected to his computer. The arduino sends the… Read More »

Piezo & arduino

What I want to achieve: What I will use: arduino uno R2 a red jumper wire a black jumper wire a piezo digisound B/C17 a breadboard a led How did I connect it all: The red wire goes from arduino’s digital pin (7) to the plus side of the piezo The black wire goes… Read More »

Ping and iButton together

Since I had both the Ping and iButton at hand I decided to test them together. My intention is to make it so that the PING only works when the iButton receives the right key/button. If the wrong key is put the led will bling three times. The course           Lauri… Read More »


I followed Suvi’s instructions on how to get iButton working on the UNO. The iButton had two wires, a white and a brown one. I connected the iButton on the breadboard. I connected the white wire to slot 7 on the UNO and to the 5v through a resistor. I connected the brown wire to… Read More »