Mobile development course’s final project

By | 14/12/2012

I am writing this post as part of a course called Mobiilituotekehitys (Mobile development) held by Tero Karvinen

I am using Eclipse to develop PhoneGap applications on a 64-bit Xubuntu 12.10 installed on a HP EliteBook 2560p Laptop.

Program Name

Simple workout diary


I teamed up with Rami tähtinen to develop a simple workout diary that allows you to store your workout progress in your phone by choosing a muscle group and pick an exercise from a list of the most commonly ones used, add the reps and weight you used and save it for later viewing. You can keep track of your past workouts, they are sorted in a list by the date of the workout.


With this program you are able to replace your pen and paper when visiting the gym and you want to keep track of your progress. You can store your progress of the most commonly used exercises performed at a gym.


Doesn’t work / alpha / beta / release

developed with emulator & Samsung Galaxy Tab



Google Play

Source code

Technical information

Currently the program checks if a database exists, if not it creates one. The user can choose a muscle group and store the reps and weight of the available excercises to a database. The user can view the program’s stored data by navigating to the history -page from any menu. The data can be emptied by clicking the “Reset data” button from the list.

Original draft

A workout diary where you can save different exercises, reps and weight. The program would suggest an increase in used weights when a certain amount of reps are achieved. All past exercises can be viewed on a list which can be sorted by date.

From draft to a working program

  1. We decided to leave the weight increasing suggestion out because it wasn’t specified if the training was done to gain muscle mass or stamina and endurance.
  2. Date sorting was not implemented. Exercises are listed by date.

Suggested improvements

  • A way to store user’s own mass
  • A way to dump data to a file
  • Analyze improvement with a chart
  • Create personal training programs

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