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By | 07/11/2012

I am writing this post as part of a course called Mobiilituotekehitys (Mobile development) held by Tero Karvinen

I am using Eclipse to develop PhoneGap applications on a 64-bit Xubuntu 12.10 installed on a HP EliteBook 2560p Laptop.

Program Name

Samus Version Checker


A program that tells your Android phone’s name, platform and version. Depending on version it plays a sound and informs you if your version of Android is one of the most used ones.


Doesn’t work / alpha / beta / release

Tested on Android virtual device/emulator API 8



Source code

Technical information

The program goes through an if-statement to determine if the version number is accepted, plays the sound and shows the text accordingly.


On this assignment my task was to create a program using the following API: Media & Device

I used the website to get information about the most used Android version.

I used sound clips found at: and

which were released under Attribution 3.0 license

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