Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 dualboot setup

By | 22/06/2012

I’m still gathering my thoughts so the text may appear messy.

I’ve come to the point that my computer needs to be formatted and I decided to do a dualboot setup. The thing is I have a brand new ssd drive and my old hdd drive and I’m still wondering what would be the best configuration. I’ll propably be using Windows mostly for gaming and use a few software only available on it, so I will propably benefit most by using my ssd with Windows.

On Ubuntu I’ll propably do most of my homework, especially programming. I will be using them both for surfing and media so I’ll need a shared portion for them both, I believe NTFS file system is the best solution for that.

The thigs that aren’t clear to me yet and need investigation are:
1. Should I install the whole Windows 7 on the ssd or only the programs & games I want to benefit from the higher loading speed.
2. If I install Windows 7 on the ssd and Ubuntu on the hdd which bootloader should I use? Will there be problems with the mbr?
3. How to keep my ssd drive’s life cycle as long as possible.

I’m pretty sure there was more things on my mind, but I can’t really remember at the moment.

The following links were a good read but didn’t really answer all of my questions

I’ll update this page as soon as I get this project started. I have schoolwork to do and important files to backup.

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