Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an Asus eee pc 901

By | 29/04/2012

There are a few ways to install a new os on an eee pc but I believe that the easiest way is the following I did:

What I used:

1. Asus eee pc 901 with Ubuntu 11.10

2. Kingston 8gb DataTraveller (smaller will do of course)

3. ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso

How I did it:

I downloaded the iso-file from ubuntu’s website at

[UPDATE] Ubuntu 12.04 might be slow on the older eee pc’s like my 901 so you might want to try Xubuntu instead The installation should be the same as on the basic Ubuntu version.

after that I plugged my usb to the laptop and started the Startup Disc Creator -program which is defaultly installed on ubuntu.

I clicked the “Other…” button and located the downloaded iso file.

I checked that the creator used my Kingston on the “Disc to use:” option.

Next part doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Depends do you wan’t to use the usb stick as a bootable device or just an installer.

– the first option allows you to save changes and files to your usb while you use it.

– the second option discards all changes after you shut down.

I chose the latter since I will only use the usb to install.

I clicked the “Make Startup Disk” button.

After a while the program asked administrator priviledges to install the bootloader to my usb.

After the program finished I restarted my computer.

I hit F2 so that the eee pc went to BIOS SETUP UTILITY where I could select my usb as the main bootable device. I opened the Boot tab and checked the Hard Disk Drives and moved the usb as first drive (if it isn’t found there check the Boot Device Priority).

I moved to the Exit tab and selected the Exit & Save Changes option and hit enter.

After the computer had started and fully loaded. I clicked the Try ubuntu option so I could check if typing, sound, video and internet worked correctly before installing it.

I opened the examples folder on the desktop and opened the how fast.ogg file to test video and sound.

I went to the internet and googled a a familiar website and clicked it open. Everything looked fine so I can confirm that typing worked, I could connect to the internet and the colors are shown correctly.

I returned to desktop and clicked the install ubuntu icon.

After selecting a language and deciding if I want to download updates as I install. My installation stopped in an unexpected error. Or so I thought. I left my computer running by itself on the “error screen” for about an hour and when I returned, to my surprise the installer had moved on to the next question. As an added note my 4gb drive doesn’t work anymore so I installed Ubuntu with default settings on the 16gb drive.

The rest of the installation went fine without any problems. The new Ubuntu version works great although the booting and shutting down (and it seems the “unity menu” takes a second or two to open) aren’t exatly fast anymore. Then again it might be because of the slower 16gb drive.

15 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an Asus eee pc 901

  1. Martin

    Does Ubuntu install OK onto the 4GB drive? Do you need to make use of the other SSD?

    This is my main worry about installing a new version of Ubuntu onto my old Eee PC.

    1. kontsu

      Actually my 4gb drive has died so I had to install Ubuntu entirely on the 16gb drive. It is a little sluggish to log in and shut down but other than that I haven’t found any problems with it.

    2. kontsu

      When the drive was still working it was a lot faster of course but there was the problem with installing a lot of programs since I couldn’t benefit from the bigger drive (at least I didn’t know how. I think I put my ‘home’ on it)

  2. Martin

    Thanks kontsu. I’ll try installing it on my 4GB drive and see if I have enough room.

    1. kontsu

      Thanks for the feedback Martin! Hopefully everything works as well on your eee pc as on mine.

  3. Martin

    did u have a problem with ur video card? or is ur system runing slow?
    I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on eee 1000H with 1GB DDR, 160 GB HDD and there is no graphic card installed and I do not know where to find the driver. Also ubuntu is slow, when I run ubuntu software center it takes like 10-15sec. to run it

    1. kontsu

      Yeah it seems that the Software Center takes it’s time to boot (about 20-25 seconds for me) Opening the Details -program showed me that I don’t seem to have any graphics drivers either and I haven’t really had a need for it either. You can try checking “Additional Drivers”. I can’t really comment if this version is actually slower than 11.10 since I had to switch to the slower drive because the faster broke down.

      If the speed and performance is too low, you could try Xubuntu instead. It should be lighter than the basic Ubuntu. You can either install it as a second desktop environment by going to terminal and typing ‘sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and selecting it on the login screen by clicking the icon next to your username. Or you can install it by downloading Xubuntu from here: and install it the same way as Ubuntu. The installers should be pretty much the same. Hope this helps!

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  5. elmoro

    Hi, my english is not perfect because i’m italian, i put ubuntu 12.04 on my eeepc 901 and it’s ok!
    i put the / directory in the fast 4gb ssd then i’ve partitioned the other slower 16gb ssd in this way:
    11 Gb to /home
    2 Gb to /opt
    1 Gb to /var
    1 Gb to /tmp
    and the last 1Gb to swap (i’ve got 2Gb Ram’s and i don’t need extra space for swap else maybe the right choice create this partition,
    in this way you have / and /usr on the 4Gb fast ssd and the 901 goee very well with about 1.5 Gb free on this ssd after os installation!

  6. Vincent

    Hi Elmoro,

    I am a complete Linux newbee. I would like to install Xubuntu on my EEEPc 901 in the same way that you have. I have been looking into the numerous post about using LVM etc, but I can’t find a beginners tutorial to set up the partitions like you have. If I use the installer from the live session, there is the option to use LVM during install, however I have no clue how to change the settings and I get stuck on a warning message that I should increase my partition to at least 2.3 Gb

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Prayer

    I can’t install xubuntu from usb. I did not make any changes when I was in usb disc creation section. It says it was 100% complete. I restart and make changes from bios on boot section. Save it. ok. I restart again. Nothing it says press ESC to boot (in 10 seconds). I press it, but it goes to windows anyway.

  8. conighion

    I had installed ubuntu on my eee pc901 and the wireless card would not work. Does anyone have the same problem?


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