Adding libraries to arduino on ubuntu

By | 17/04/2012

I encountered a problem while trying to execute my PING + iButton program on Ubuntu since I couldn’t find where the OneWire library should be placed. Long story short after googling around the net I found that when you install arduino through apt it creates a “sketchbook” folder in your home folder. So I first navigated to /home/’username’/sketchbook/ and created a folder named libraries and copied the unzipped OneWire folder in libraries and restarted arduino. ( /home/’username’/sketchbook/libraries/OneWire/ )

4 thoughts on “Adding libraries to arduino on ubuntu

  1. Peter

    Yes, very helpfull info, under Windows add a lib very simple directory copy, on Ubuntu no usable, Your info solved my problem, thanks!

  2. vincent

    You solved my problem. Thanks

    A small path error :
    not /home/’username’/libraries/OneWire/
    but /home/’username’/sketchbook/libraries/OneWire/


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